About Vellum

Our Russian company “Vellum” has been awarded the Exclusive Rights for the territory of Russian Federation from “Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” a “Cambridge Associate”, to offer the Syllabus and Assessment and to provide the mechanism for candidates in order to get “International Diplomas in IT Skills”, which are "Cambridge Validated Awards".

“Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” is one of the leading Information Technology Qualification providers in Europe.

“Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” was founded in 2002 in order to certify the IT Skills of pupils, students, and professionals.

 “Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” is the exclusive partner of the “University of Cambridge International Examinations”, for all European versions of the IT Skills suite.

“Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” as a result of time, effort and practical business experience, is a “Cambridge Associate”of the “University of Cambridge International Examinations”, offering assessments officially recognized by European Ministries of Education. 

“Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” also offers a wide range of IT qualifications to meet assessment of contemporary specific needs and European Union funded training programs.

“University of Cambridge International Examinations”  is dedicated to providing educational assessment services worldwide and offers a full range of examinations, accreditation and development services which meet internationally recognized standards.

“Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” is entitled to offer the Syllabus and Assessment with the consent of  “University of Cambridge International Examinations” in the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

“Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” in collaboration with “University of Cambridge International Examinations” provides solutions to bridge the gap between educational programs and assessment procedures across Europe.

The collaboration of “Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.” and “University of Cambridge International Examinations”  extends to all educational materials, curriculum and schemes of work, as courses for the Cambridge Validated Awards are conducted by certified teachers in Vellum’s educational methodology.

“Vellum” operates in Russia as the Master Franchisee of “Vellum Global Educational Services S.A.”.

“Vellum” has established cooperation with major Moscow Universities that have adopted our educational programs and conduct examinations for the “International Diplomas in IT Skills” Cambridge Validated Awards.